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Mauriceville is just a tiny one stop light town, but we are Texans and we do what Texans do.  We adore the Mauriceville Panthers and the LCM Battlin’ Bears.  Unlike Robert Dean, we “absolutely understand the thing with mums at Homecoming, and believe chicken fried steak is amazing,” especially at Tuffy’s. Friday Night Lights went on regardless of Harvey’s wake of flooded schools and drowned fields. We are the Crawfish Capitol of Texas. We are the home of the Panthers.  We are Mauriceville.

The Mauriceville Heritage Association is working to fill the gap left by FEMA and other agencies to assist residents of Mauriceville and the greater North Orange County Unincorporated areas. This assistance is concentrated on helping remediation and reconstruction of homes in our area. We are working in co-operation with several groups to assist in the rebuilding efforts. Upwards of 85% of homes north of I10 in Orange County had some degree of flooding and that number does not include vehicles and other property lost due to the waters. The unincorporated areas of Orange County, especially North Orange County needs a great deal of assistance to ensure we do not lose our communities.

 The Heritage Association assists North Orange County, focusing on all populations from youth to senior citizens.  Although our building and grounds were severely damaged, the MHA began distribution operations on Sunday, Sept 3rd and continued to serve the community in the rebuilding process through various assistance and ongoing activities.  While we are no longer a point of distribution, we are still scheduling medical assistance, application process assistance, and working on various fundraisers to assist our community.  We need your assistance in our goal to not only assist our community but also to rebuild our facilities.  The community center and grounds are used throughout the year by many other nonprofits and small organizations in our area who cannot afford a meeting place such as the Girl Scouts, several LCMCISD activity groups as well as senior citizen education and many others.  Our doors are always open for those organizations that need a meeting place as well as an opportunity to raise funds during our events. 

  The Mauriceville Heritage Association is a 501(c)3 private foundation EIN# 76-0407952.  Your contributions are tax-deductible and extremely appreciated.  Please visit our website for more information regarding our yearly events.    Website: Funds raised by our organization stay in our community.


Now, we need you.  The Mauriceville Heritage Association will continue to serve our community.  However, we need you to share our needs with those who were unaffected so that we might repair the community center and grounds.  To the left are the links to our t-shirt fundraiser, October Vintage Market and our PayPal account where donations can be made.  


*Slideshow photographs courtesy of Garrett Roundtree and various volunteers

** Robert Dean is a writer and Journalist residing in Austin TX and wrote the following inspirational piece @ My Statesman


Help us rebuild by donating today.  Your contributions stay in Mauriceville and are tax-deductible. Click the donate button to assist.  We greatly appreciate all donations. 

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